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Ink and oil works from Deborah Buck 5th Year Fellowship group show at Trinity College, fall 2020

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The pieces shown here are from a show that ran in the fall of 2020 at Trinity College's Widener Gallery, titled In Three. The show featured works by the members of the year's Deborah Buck 5th Year Fellowship, including photographs by Karen Navarrete, paintings by Alison Cofrancesco, and my ink and oil pieces shown here.

Just as the start of the COVID-19 pandemic had prevented us from presenting our thesis shows in the spring, so too had its extended ramifications and restrictions put the entirety of the college's planned exhibitions on hold. Ironically, this prohibition on visiting artists provided us with a venue to make up for our lost opportunity of the spring. Unlike our thesis shows, which would have been undertaken entirely independently, this exhibition was planned and designed by Felice Caivano, curator of the Widener Gallery at Trinity. 

Though somewhat limiting in not having complete control over which works to include and how to present them, this was a rare opportunity to gain insights into the methods and considerations of professional curation, made even more special by the fact of our own works being the ones given such thought.

My portion of the exhibit consisted of landscape oil paintings that would have appeared in my thesis show, other oil pieces from the previous year which felt visually and conceptually related, and some of my early works in ink on mylar, which seemed to similarly evoke suggestions of both emotive and atmospheric phenomena. These pieces were mounted on the wall and suspended from the gallery ceiling in order to offer viewers a look at both sides of the sheets and to demonstrate the effects of their translucency.

Click here to view the full artist's statement for this show

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